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Doing business World Wide.

Our wolves are 99% wolf. There are other  out there that mix with dog, plain and simple, we DON'T. 

When a wolf is mixed with a dog that makes a dangerous animal.  

To sum it up, no matter what you hear, ours are 99% wolf. 

Our wolves have all the traits of a wolf.  They are healthy, happy, and are very loved. 

In our facility they receive everything that they need.  They are potty trained, come wormed, have their shots, and come with a starter kit.  

They are born and raised in the home with my family, we love them so much!

  They are an important part of our family, they even eat before we do.  They are loving, well adjusted animals.  


See the available babies and start your "pack" today. 







WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN - 24 hours a day!
"To sum the wolf up would be something like this:  The strength of Bamm, Bamm, the intelligence of Einstein, and the beauty of the Mona Lisa..." 

Because of the mother hormone, both male and female, these are the most loving and caring things on God's green earth.  So that means's the wolf has an overwhelming need to take care for something, watch out for it, and protect it too - that is you and your kid's.

 We are Wolf Haven Spirit of the Past.  We professionally breed wolves and sell their cubs to people who appreciate them. 

Our email is wolfhaven@live.com

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, any information you need is here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or are interested in purchasing a wolf cub.  Email us your phone number and we will call you, we are available 24 hours a day!

We look forward to welcoming you to

"The Pack"

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 Holiday Fun:

Just a cute joke we wanted to share from a 5-year-old fan in Oregon:

What is a wolves favorite holiday?.........Howl-ooo-weeeeeen

Thank you Veronica for the giggle.

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Cost and Extra Services

 Deposits and payments are non-refundable

Please remember this before making a commitment

There are people who change their minds and think they don't have to go by our agreement, no refunds. Also we understand life happens but please remember that when making a commitment there are no refunds. At all . even if you return the animal . Also why you are making payments . we are feeding and caring for that animal . Also we are turning away people that may be interested in that animal .



What do I get with my cub?

See our (click here) Frequent Questions.

Quarantine Update!  

 Customer who are wanting a wolf overseas (i.e. China, England, Australia or Hawaii) may have to have the wolf quarantined.  We have found out that these wolves can do quarantine here, at Wolfhaven, then go over seas.  That would mean they would not have sit in a cage there, but be here with us. It would start the day they are born, all we need to do is get them a micro-chip and their shots.  When it is time for the wolf to leave, they check the chip to make sure it is correct, end of story.  What great news for those overseas who have been wanting one of these wonderful animals! 


Wolves instead of Sled Dogs?

Sled Dogs


  • Our wolves are hardy, stronger and bigger then sled dogs.  If needed they can go about 40 miles are hour, although they do better at a steady speed.  They can adapt to any type of weather (without getting sick).  They can go back and forth from cold to warm without problems.  They can gain and lose their undercoat as needed, because it is fur not hair like most dogs have.  Wolves will also love you, and will want to please you.  Think about a wolf instead of a sled dog......


Have you Heard This?

 Story of the month: The Amazing Tara



The first week of May, we got a little Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy.  Tara thinks that the puppy is hers.  She would hold the doggie door open for the puppy so it could go in and out of the doggie.  Then Tara would try to get the little puppy to eat with her. LOL   Tara follows that little puppy everywhere.  She's always watching the puppy to see what it's doing.
Then...last Sunday, I caught a little kitten, whose mama was wild.  I put the kitten in one of our bedrooms, with food, water, and a dirt box.  Tara just laid in front of the bedroom door and wouldn't eat.  I didn't know what was wrong with her.  After a couple days, I figured out that the kitten couldn't poop.  She was all backed up and badly dehydrated..  I took it to the vet and she had to have an enema and medicine. It's mama had fed it something with allot of short hair and it plugged her up.
After the kitten was well, then Tara stopped lying by the bedroom door and she starting eating again.  I Really think that Tara knew that that little kitten was sick.
Tara still amazes me!  She is able to sense things that we can't.
I love the pictures of the little baby McKenzies, on Facebook!  They are so darn cute!!!



 A Howling great day to you all!

After reading your website 7942 times (ok maybe 3 or 4) LOL and several others, I have figured out why I lost my wolfdog so young, of course that was 35 years ago. ....

I had a gray/shepherd and every day without fail that crazy animal would go to the drive way (dirt) and roll all over, then would go into the chicken cage, lay down, and let the hens get on him and scratch and peck around.  Funniest thing I have ever seen, but he loved it! A Beautiful Soul! 




tid-bit...... The lady that owns the wolf two socks, from the movie "Dances With Wolves" just bought a wolf from us, a Tundra male. She said that while they made the movie Kevin Costner and her slept outside with the wolves. Still to this date Kevin Costner visits her every now and then.  




 Story about a Cancer Patient: There is a family in El Paso who's father was here from Florida to visit. He is a cancer patient here having treatments. He was talking to a nurse at the hospital, she told him about the wolves at Wolfhaven.  They called to see if their father could come see the wolves, of course we said yes! All are welcome!  We have people come from all over to see our wolves, to be with them, play with them, and even love on them.

That Saturday they came out to see the wolves. They played with them, loved on them, play with the cubs, even got to hold a new born.  We live with our wolves, they're not in cages, we love them, and have taught them to behave and to be gentile. The man sat around all the wolves and they where very gentile with him and loving too. If raised correctly they are very loving and caring animals. Show love and understanding from a young age, and that is what you get back. Cage an animal up, and let it make its own rules and you have a wild animal. 

They also asked questions and learned a lot about the real wolf. We want people to know the real wolf, and know that we can make some one out there happy. When they left they gave use a $125 donation for the wolves, even though they did not have to give anything, it was our pleasure having them visit. It was extremely nice, but what matters is that we made that man and his family happy for a while.

Thanks from Wolfhaven and us. 

Hello this is Huda,

Ricu has been the most amazing pet in out lives. He's very very lovable. He's also very friendly with kids, and is quiet when he's supposed to be. He understands everything we say and he's well behaved. He's so much smarter then a dog by a lot. He's a quick learner, and listens to whatever you have to say. He gets along with everyone he meets, and doesn't bark at other dogs.

He's also friends with my kitten, and he plays with her, by chasing each other around. They also sometimes sleep next to each other. They're both getting along great. Although Luna (My kittens name) was very mean to him first, he never hurt her. Not one bit.

He's never hurt anyone, and we also have a baby who's a year and a half, and he's so nice to her.

And every time we take Ricu out, people go up to us just to pet him and complement us about what a gorgeous wolf he is. Even though we say he's a wolf dog.

He's the best thing that's happen to us for the family.









Thank you to T.T. Campbell, a 10 year old from Portland OR.  He sent a wonderful letter about our wolves, again a big Thank You! 



We have a featured cub of the month:

Beccalyn   "The Comforter"

Hello Wolf Haven!!

I can't believe our little BeccaLyn is over 3 months old already! She is getting so big and is so beautiful it makes you want to cry. She is a very happy little girl and quite spoiled at times. She is quickly learning commands such as "sit" and "stay" and loves to go for walks. Lately with the snow on the ground she goes out and "snowplows" in the back yard by shoving her muzzle in the show and running around with her head down in the snow.  Most of all though she seems to love just curling up on the couch between her father and I. BeccaLyn is also quite the talker too. Some of the sounds she makes almost sound like she is trying to say actual words!

Here is a cute story I want to share with you. As you know we not only are BeccaLyn's parents, but the parents of a special needs cat named Maddy. Maddy is visually impaired and much much smaller than a normal cat. She is actually about the size of a 7 month old kitten. Sometimes when she gets to chasing a toy or playing too much she will lose her perspective of where she is in the house. . . . . READ THE REST OF THIS STORY UNDER "ROARS FROM THE PACK"


We somehow have let Spirit's testimony slip under our noses.  Well not any more, thanks to Shirley for reminding us what an important part of our lives wolves can be.  Here is a bit of her testimony. . . .


Just wanted to drop a line about Spirit.  She is becoming very possessive of her yard.  Our neighbors have about 40 dogs and half of them are outside dogs, they wander up and down the road when the neighbors leave.  Well when they walk on the street in front of our yard Spirit walks along the fence with her hackles up and growling at them.  She is also very possessive of Cane and he of her.  They adore each other. 


Check out "Stories We've Heard" for some exciting

news from Blackjack and his new home.



We wanted to share our newest pictures of Katie's grandson Bryant:


You all probably recognize this picture:

Here he is growing up fast with Prince Adam!:



Be sure to check out our "Roars from The

Pack" page for exciting testimonies like this:

October 20, 2008 

Ohanzee is a true blessing!!! He is so smart and goofy at the same time! He has stole our hearts I cant thank you enough for this wonderful baby boy! He has only been with us two days and I cant picture life without him already. Thank you!!!!!




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