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Arctic Timber/McKenzie Valley Arctic

(canus lupus McKenzie) and Timber (lycaon)

The STRONGEST,a silent giant, learn the fastest , and very quiet.


Arctic Timber/ McKenzie

  McKenzie's are black or red sometimes gray.

 If you want a wolf that can get up to about 300 lbs but yet is a silent giant you want the McKenzie valley arctic (canis lupus McKenzie) an extinct species of red wolf.  They and the timber are the biggest and they behave and learn the fastest.  Even better then the other Arctic, which can be chewers, thieves and tend to get out. The McKenzie Valley Arctic is not at all like that, they are complete opposite. They are great and make wonderful pets too!  They have short hair and are very rare, they are an extinct species. They may be another red wolf.  Most people don't know what they are. They can pass for a mix or husky if needed, but remember they are all wolf.  They also make good assist animals because they are bigger,  quiet, and very calm. They stay right next to you too. By being big they can hold you up and keep you from falling.  They are easy to train because they are calm and quieter then the others. Remember they are silent giants.  When feeding a McKenzie, because they are the biggest, they should eat about 2 1/2 cups per 50lbs a day of food . 


 All black, black and white, Black and silver, all red, red and white, gray, gray and white 


The following wolves are not for sale.   Please see our website wolfhaven.life for available cubs. 



What our McKenzie's look like . 




















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      Average Size

     now a wolves unlike dogs are measured from the floor to the middle of the back because  wolves  hunch so they are taller in the middle of the back  then the shoulders .

    To help you make a decision on which type of wolf you may want we thought we would give you an idea of what the average size of our wolves are:

    Yes the really get that big . If feed right, given vitamins and wormed on a regular basses . also the right shots . pregnant mothers have to be treated right too . come see are wolves . 

    Timber/arctic :48" at the middle of the back 300 to 350 lbs. 

    Arctic/Tundra: 36" at the middle of the back 250 lbs.

    Buffalo Wolf: 48" at the middle of the back 300 lbs.

    Arctic/McKenzie Arctic: 48" at the middle of the back 300 lbs.

    Usually females are about 20% to 50%  smaller than males.

    Classification: Canus Lupus, The Grey Wolf, also known as the Timber.


    ----Past Babies  -------

     You can request pictures at email to [email protected] or click on the navigation bar to take you to the photo album.

    not for sale ! 
















    They are lovable and sweet.  Our breeds are:


    Arctic Timber


     Arctic Timber McKenzie Valley


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