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BUFFALO WOLVES ( canus lupus nubilus) .


The Great Planes /Dusky wolf / Loafer /Buffalo wolf.  Range Southern Rocky's , Midwestern ,Eastern and Northeastern Canada, Southwest Canada, Southeastern Alaska.  Breed status: early June late February.  At one time their status was thought to be extinct but now their status is threatened.   Colors are gray, black, buff, and red or red tint . 

The most PLAYFUL

The same kind as in Yellowstone. Very good with kids, much like a kid itself. They come in beautiful gray , out standing colors .they are loving, caring and are very protective.  They like to stay close to you and home . Easily trainable if you spend time with them  . Canadians make great search and rescue  animals. They love to work . also their sight , smell and hearing is keener then a dogs. colors they come in  so they can hide in the trees are black, light/gray but mostly gray.



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SALES are FINAL .We care for this animal. Also we pass up potential buyer for this animal . Why you make payments . Even after getting the animal . No refunds. No matter what . This is a business .   


What do I get with my cub?

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Our Average Sizes

Wolves unlike dogs are measured from the floor to the middle of the back.  Wolves hunch so they are taller in the middle of the back not the shoulders.

To help you make a decision on which type of wolf you may want we thought we would give you an idea of what the average size of our wolves are:

Yes they really get this big. If feed right, given vitamins and wormed on a regular basis also the right shots. the pregnant mothers have to be treated right . 


ARCTIC/TIMBER: 48" at the middle of the back 300 lbs.

ARCTIC/TUNDRA: 36" at the middle of the back 250 lbs.

BUFFALO WOLF : 48" at the middle of the back 300 lbs.

ARCTIC/MCKENZIE : 48" at the middle of the back 300 lbs.

Usually females are about 20% to 50% smaller than males.



 Cubs We Had in the past














 BIG BEN  : arctic/timber  .



LUMP . buffalo wolf  (bottom photo)                                                                                                                                           



-------- Babies --------

Check Their Photo Albums For More Adorable Pic











 If you want to see more photo's of  cubs e-mail me at [email protected]  




 What The Past Babies looked like






























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