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We have special services we will provide for military personnel. 

We will e-mail photos of all babies after they are born so you can pick the one that you want. When they are little they don't really have personalities yet, the will mimic the alpha.  After you have chosen your wolf we will e-mail weekly photo updates. 

We introduces a lot of wolves to military families, rescue units, and they have also become assist animals. 

We have military personnel that pick their wolves while they are over-seas and when they get to the states they  take them home. It can be therapeutic because the babies will follow the soldier around, the companionship can be good for both the wolf and the soldier.

Thank you for serving our country!


The Low Down...

They are born and raised in my house with my family. With the right training and care they can be very gentle and will love your family.

The adult wolves are in and out of the house and are all house trained. They are only in pens when breeding. The babies come doggy door trained.


They take about 6 years to grow-up, they are very protective and smart. 

Wolves smell pheromones like a bee and can tell what a person is thinking. 

Wolves generally do not have health problems and do not get diseases easily. They can live 25 years or longer. They generally do not smell nor get fleas or ticks.  They can hear up to 6 miles away, smell 4 1/2 miles away, see a 1 1/2 miles away, and have night vision. They can jump 10 feet up and they can also climb, and can run up to 40 miles an hour.

After they have claimed you as theirs they will generally stay in the yard, but a fence will give them boundaries.  



I have people call me looking for another wolf, we start talking and to come out they don't have a wolf to start with. I hate having to let them know they don't have one .some times I don't come out and say it some I just let them get one and then they notices it on there own. They will call me later and say I thought I had a wolf before this, but this is a wolf.  Sometimes people will also tell us that they can feed their wolves anything or any type of dog food, whereas if I did that with my wolves it would more than likely make them sick or could even kill them, they need a all protein diet only, I hate having to explain why that can't be a wolf, or at least not a high wolf percentage. It makes me feel bad, because someone sold them something and said it was something else or it came out of the wild, you don't think there are wild dogs out there? there are things that tell you they are a wolf. Just read my site, like a full protein diet, no dog shots, longer spine, no flies or ticks, no odor, nails don't grow, two canine teeth on top, ten times stronger, and have no parvo or heart worm, these are just some things. It would help if other breeders would know if what they have are truly wolves or if they would stop stretching the truth on the percentage of wolf when selling to people. For example, if a person has a low content wolf and was told it was a higher content wolf, then they will feed it a certain way,  then if they get a real wolf and treat it the same way they could kill it or just treat it wrong.  Because they will be raising the real wolf wrong (due to the previous statement) it could spend it's entire life sickly. I know a lady that had a wolf and gave it dog shots, this made him sick and eventually his inside fell out and sadly he died. Or they may only live 3 to 9 years instead of 30 years. For instance a wolf I just got is 3 years old, he was skin and bone and had a skin problem, the person meant well but he was feeding him the wrong food. Now he's gaining weight and his skin is clearing up, all I did was put him on a full protein diet. It would make it easier and save some lives out there if more people would do this. If you have questions you can contact me at any time and we can figure it out together.


Older cubs are just as good companions as a younger one that you have raised.  You can still bond with an older cub, plus because of their age they will be past the stages of when it is easier for them to get sick (5 - 6 weeks).  Our older cubs will all have their shots and be wormed, be house trained and doggy door trained, plus they are the perfect age to start training and they will be playful!.


They are very LOVING animals that want to be close to you. They are a pack animal, the family LOVE is the strongest I've ever seen or known in a animal . It will make you cry. They have a beauty beyond belief, both inside and out, no matter the age.  If you never know this animal, you will never know real love. If wolves are bred and raised correctly, as mine are, they will not be mean nor aggressive. They can make wonderful companions.

They may bite  . But it would have to be frightened  out of it's mined FIRST . If very high content wolf like mine 99% wolf .  Don't be fooled with the high content dog wolf .That is not what I'm talking about . here and on my site .  DOG/WOLF .They are the dangerous and aggressive ones .WOLVES . if you let then just love you and your family . t

TUNDRA WOLF : they have a thick blocky muzzle . not a thin narrow muzzle . it means tundra wolf not DOG . Some people thank it means DOG not wolf . it just means they are tundra or have tundra in them . TUNDRA WOLF .


I had a customer that had kids, a little dog, and a cat.  She was worried that by getting a six month old cub that he would not fit in with the "family" since he was older.

After about two weeks she said the cub had adjusted and everyone was getting along GREAT!  She said the family can't imagine their life without her.  

Even older cubs are a good fit for a family when they are shown love and respect. It is all in how you welcome the wolf into your home.


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