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Start when they are little so that they get use to the water and do not use flea products.  Flea products are made for hair and will burn the fine fur, they do not get fleas anyway.  Things to use as shampoo: baby shampoo or Pert Plus because it has conditioner.  Remember baby fine, need to treat like baby hair.  Do not flea dip, this will cause the fur to fall out. 



Wolves do not shed, they molt once a year, going from winter to summer coats, just bath a couple of times and brush them out.  Do again a week later, this should take care of the extra fur.  If you do not brush it all out, the fur will stick between the guard hair and it will take longer to come out, maybe stuck for the entire summer.  They will look like an unmade bed!  Some may stay in for years, which will cause them to look scruffy, like as seen in the wild or in zoos. 



 Do not clip fur because of the guard hairs that are connected to the nervous system.  If you do clip them it can cause them to walk funny.  These hairs allow them to feel a foot or two away from their body, they are similar to antennas.  Also since the skin is about an inch thick, they can not feel as easily, they need these hairs to help protect their skin, it warns them.  Their thick skin is one of the reasons that they do not get fleas or tics, they have a hard time getting through this thick skin.

Worming & Flies

I worm using Capguard, it is a internal pesticide that works for worms but won't hurt the wolves. I worm once a week for 4 weeks, then only when needed. It says you can used everyday, but with the wolves high metabolism I wouldn't recommend that. 

For flies on their ears i use Ultra Guard. I apply a good amount to each ear then add more only when I see flies bothering their ears again. 

Cattle Dust (Use in Large Areas)

Wolves can get mites, they hang on and irritate, to help control this just sprinkle cattle dust in areas where they live or lay.  It will not hurt you or them because it is not a pesticide.  It is ok to put in the house or yard, it only kills bugs with an outer skeleton.


Clean ears with ear cleaner, on a regular basis so they do not get infection.  Especially if it is moist climate, they do not get a chance to dry out.  You can buy pads that have ear cleaner on it, you just rub the inside of the ear.



 Use a tartar in the water once a month.  Remember to use high protein food, especially dry, it helps clean the teeth.  You can clean teeth with cleanser, the easiest are pads that you rub in their mouths.  It tastes and smells like peppermint and they don't seem to mind.  Much easier then using a brush.


Do not cut or clip just file.  Best way is to run on pavement or black top.  If you clip it tells the body they are breaking off like in the wild.  This will cause them to grow back quicker and deformed, it will grow back in a couple of days anyway.


Please do not rub the wolves nose in anything.  When bathing do not wipe nose, the nose is a type of membrane that can be damaged.  If the nose is damaged and the wolf can not smell then it will not be interested in eating.

Potty Training

We have a doggy door so they can go out on there own, we do not lock them up.  

You can crate train, leave him out side sometimes (but make sure it is not too hot outside), or you can block an area off in the house (like the kitchen) and put him there. Make sure not to put him in a room and shut the door, he will tear it up.

Right now the babies go outside to go potty, but he does not know how to ask yet. Plus, he can not hold it for a long time, that is why a doggy door helps. 

What will help with potty training is put the water out side. This will force him to ask to go out side to get a drink. Also putting the water up after about 5 pm at night will help with potty training to.



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