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Halloween 2009


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Greetings to the Pack,
I don't have any photos of Shadow Lane, but I do have a cute Halloween story concerning him.
Shadow is Grey wolf and in December he will be one. I keep forgetting what a little baby he still is because of his size!
I was trying out my Witch outfit, long black wig (my hair is blonde & semi-long), a big black hat with feathers around the brim, long silky gown and green stockings with black banding, Shadow and his running buddy Maggie (whom I have had since I saved her from a pack of wild dogs attacking her). Now Maggie is used to my, well idiocycracies....Shadow is learning. I called them in, it was time and I wasn't really thinking about my costume, Maggie came flying in and he was right on her heels. I had turned my back to pick up something when this growl made me turn around....slowly. There stood Shadow, the door closed behind him.........stiff legging, swinging his head back and forth, showing fangs and spittle and the growl turned your blood to ice! I'm saying "Shadow, its Momma" and he was not buying any of it, approaching me, but you could see the barest trace of reserve, but he was still advancing menacingly. Maggie got between us and snapped at him, which gave me 5 seconds to remove wig and hat. Shadow wasn't completely convinced, but then he saw it WAS me and got all cuddly. In retrospect it was funny and when I put the wig and hat on in front of him, he just smiled and pawed at me, so he is intelligent and saw the truth behind the disguise.
Shadow is being groomed to go on ghost hunts and is showing great promise
Happy Halloween
Cheyenne and the two best parts of me, Maggie & Shadow




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