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Quality Wolves For Sale

Our philosophy on wolves...

"To sum the wolf up would be something like this:  The 

strength of Bamm, Bamm, the intelligence of Einstein, and the 

beauty of the Mona Lisa..."

Because of the mother hormone, both male and female, these are the most loving and caring things on God's green earth.  So that means's the wolf has an overwhelming need to take care for something, watch out for it, and protect it too - that is you and your kid's.

We professionally breed wolves and sell their cubs to people 

who appreciate them. 

Our email is wolfhaven@live.com

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Please contact us if you have any question or are interested in purchasing a wolf cub. Or visit our new website wolfhaven.life for pictures of available cubs.

Email us your phone number and we will call you, we are available 24 hours a day!

We look forward to welcoming you to

"The Pack"

How Our "Pack" Got Started and Works 

  • Two sisters from a family of seven that have studied and raised                  wolves for over 25 years as our parents did before us.
  • We have trained and dealt with wild and tame wolves.
    • All wolf cubs are 98% wolf and can be CKC registered (http://www.continentalkennelclub.com/FullFourAd.aspx?Ad=1947)
    • Our cubs are born and hand raised in our home.  Outside they              have over three acres to roam freely. 
    • Since we raise them as pets, they are very familiar with noise and        people.  We handle and play with the cubs constantly so they are          socialized and not afraid.  They are loved very much!
    • If raised correctly a wolf cub can be a great companion for any              person.
    • For us, this isn't just a business, it is a passion.  All money                      received is invested back into the wolves to better their health              and  life, we are not in it for a profit.
    • We know that any cub that we sell has been raised with love and           should that love continue we see no reason why they would ever           hurt you or turn on you.
    • We have never had any problems nor had any of our wolves bite           anyone in all the years we or our parents have been breeding                 them.


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