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Inspirational Stories, could be about wolves or other things....some are long but we hope you enjoy all!



Story: Cancer Patient: There is a family in El Paso who's father was here from florida to visit. He is a cancer patient here having treatments. He was talking to a nurse at the hospital, she told him about the wolves at Wolfhaven.  They called to see if their father could come see the wolves, of course we said yes! All are welcome!  We have people come from all over to see our wolves, to be with them, play with them, and even love on them.


That saturday they came out to see the wolves. They played with them, loved on them, played with the cubs, even got to hold a new born.  We live with our wolves, they're not in cages, we love them, and have taught them to behave and to be gentile. The man sat around all the wolves and they where very gentile with him and loving too. If raised correctly they are very loving and caring animals. Show love and understanding from a young age, and that is what you get back. Cage an animal up, and let it make its own rules and you have a wild animal. They also asked questions and learned a lot about the real wolf. We want people to know the real wolf, and know that we can make some one out there happy. When they left they gave use a $125 donation for the wolves, even though they did not have to give anything, it was our pleasure having them visit. It was extremely nice, but what matters is that we made that man and his family happy for a while. Thanks from Wolfhaven and us. 





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