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If your wolf is handled from birth and treated right then it will protect you and others. They stand up for the weak and young, it is like having a cop on duty at all times. The wolf only does this when necessary, they smell pheromones like a bee does.  That means when you think about something it changes your body chemistry, they wolf can smell this. It's almost like they can read your mind, they know when you are happy, sad, sick or mad, they know by the smell.  They can even tell if some one is thinking about hurting you, you can full them, they are usually not wrong. For example, if you let some one in your house and 20 minutes later they think about hurting you the wolf will notice a change in the person's behavior and body chemistry.  The wolf will not do any thing right away, they will just watch them closely, if the person does attempt to do something the wolf will react. They are fast, I have seen a wolf jump across a 15 foot room and not touch anything.


Wolves can also hear about 6 miles away, smell about 4 1/2 miles away, jump and climb.  You could be blocks away and they can still get to you in time. Nothing can stop them from coming to your aid to help you not even a chain. You are safe with a wolf, it is part of your family. It is like having a safe  gun, it only goes off when it is necessary.  


We have been selling to more ranchers lately because snakes, coyotes and vermin will not come around where wolves urinate. Since our wolves are raised on dog food they don't kill to eat. In the wild they only kill when hungry. A hand raised wolf will not kill the owners stock, they see the animals as part of the pack.  A wolf  will not go in to another wolfs territory, so if you have a hand raised wolf around your cattle, no wolf pack will come in where your wolf urinates, it's now your wolves territory. Your animals will be safe, I have seen this with my own eye's over and over.


Wolf sounds alone will not keep a wolf pack away. A wolf pack must see and smell evidence of a wolf's territory to stay away.  They are intelligent and not easily fooled.  Packs will send out scouts to seek out easy pray.  Your hand raised wolf is also intelligent though and can make decisions on his own,  they will protect your livestock, they will not kill your animals. We know people that have cattle, chickens, sheep and horses that also own one of our wolves. One of our wolves even saved a lady's horse from a mountain lion, the wolf won the fight. The wolf only got some scratches and the horse was saved, they are great protection.    


Wolves will mark their territory, small pests like a snake, coyote and vermin will not come around.  When they smell the urine of the wolf these things will leave the area and if they don't the wolf will chase them off or kill them. Wolves have the desire to keep their "den" area clean of these pests.  The wolves den has become your yard, house or business.  In the wild wolves will kill dogs, so stray dogs will avoid your "den" because the dog will smell the wolves power and strength. If you have trouble with dogs coming in your yard try putting the wolves feces around your property line or fence every now and then, it will keep the dogs away. With a wolf around, you should have no trouble with other animals or bugs.  Feline wolves eat bugs including flies, scorpion , ants yes even red ants, and spiders like tarantulas.


Wolves could even take care of a fly and tic problems.  A wolf has the ability to soak up moister through their skin.  When the fly or tic get on the wolf the moisture is sucked out of pests which kills them.  Over time they could clean your yard from these nuisances.  If you have a infestation of ticks or flies a new cub may be overwhelmed at first, so use cattle dust on them. Cattle dust is not a pesticide and should not hurt them. You should use cattle dust until they get older and can get rid of flies and ticks on there own. There was a man that bought a wolf from us and he had a little dog that had always had a flea problem.  He had tried everything, nothing helped, in fact the dog had never had hair on his back because the fleas caused a bad itching problem.  After he had his wolf for about 4 months he noticed a lot of dead fleas on the wolf and his yard was almost clear of fleas and ticks.  Now his dog is growing his hair back, the dog hadn't had hair on his back since he owned him. He said to me if the wolf is the reason his dog is getting his hair back that alone is worth any price he would have paid for the wolf.  Besides the added benefits of the wolf, he just plain loves his wolf, he says there are not words that can describe the love he has for him.


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