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More and more of our wolves are becoming Service animals.

Like it says more and more of our wolf hybrids are becoming service animals.  They have been doing this for years and they are doing well. They make good service animals because they are gentile, loving, and protective when needed.     


PROTECTIVE: Only when someone does something that puts them on guard, otherwise they love everyone.


LOVING: They are family orientated, so they are  loving family like animals.  


CARING: They naturally care about us and how we are doing.


YOU ONLY: Nothing matters but you, you are their whole world.  


A WOLF: They don't smell (no odor), no fleas or ticks, a very clean animal.   They are not inbred like dogs so no health problems or diseases.    They can live 30 years if taken care of right.  They are not hyper, that comes from inbreeding so very laid back, like a big kitty cat.  Easy to train, they listen well.   But if needed can run 40 miles an hour and work hard, even jump 10 feet strait up in the air.    They are 10 times stronger then a dog, smarter then a dog, and they start out at birth with the intelligent of a 5 year old and they get smarter.   There is nothing they can't remember, understand or learn and they don't forget.   You only have to show them once.   But they have to be high content wolf, not dog, you want the wolf not the dog.   Also, the right wolves, I only carry the best types.  Watch the parent’s personality.  Easy to train gentile and not bitters.  Also they have to be raised inside the breeder’s house around sounds, people, and noises. Being trained and held, loved from day one.


FEEDING RIGHT: No raw meat.  A high protein diet/grain free and a mix of dry food and cooked meat with the right treats.   If bred and raised right, and they are high content wolf, they can make a great and loving animal, a companion for a long time. I know I have been around wolves all my life and I have a lot of service animals out there right now.  

the wolf

more and more people are getting wolves . because there is nothing bad about them if you get them from the right breeder . that is breeding the right animal and raising them right . like mine they are beautiful wolves that can be trained for any thing and can do any thing the sky is the limit .

What have our buyers been saying about us?

Here are some random comments that we hear and updates on what the babies are doing now:


World Rescue Team:

We also have a wolf on a world wide rescue team.  The last we heard she had 42 rescues under her belt. 

 why not a WOLF,  the live long , no health problems and very loving , caring animals .smarter

then dogs too. every one should have a wolf just ones .


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