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If you have gotten a wolf from us and you would like to share a story please let us know!

Here are a few we have receieved.


October 6, 2010


Hello this is Huda And Rose,
We purchased Ricu from you.

We just wanted to keep you updated about him. And a lot has been happening. He's finally learned how to go potty within a month! He is so smart! And he's learned new tricks within a day. Like how to sit, lay down, shake hand, roll over, a kiss, and say I love you. But he's only said I love you once when he was so desperate to get out of his kennel. (: Also we have a story. So one day, my husband and Ricu went for a walk at night, it was nice and cool, so he went for a walk in the neighborhood, and so he was on the phone and walking, and all the sudden two pit bulls came out of the forest and attacked my husband and wolf. And my husband started hitting them because they tried attacking both of them and they tried getting my husband from the stomach. And the other pit bull tried to get Ricu from the neck, and so luckily my husband know self defense and Kung Fu, so he hit the pitbull from under her neck so she couldn't get the bite in Ricu. And they were HUGE pit bulls and Ricu is still 5 months and tiny compared to them. And after one of them bit Ricu from the joint and made him bleed, and my husband yelled to go home and he let the leash go, and he ran home, and one of the pit bulls stayed with my husband and one ran after Ricu, but wolves are faster then Dogs so he out ran him and the pit bull was on the other side of the street, and suddenly we heard screaming and we ran out, and we saw Ricu trying to get in our Garage, and he was limping, and blood everywhere on his chest and arm, so we started screaming and the lady who owned the pit bulls came out and started freaking out and apologizing, and we went to take him to the emergency pet hospital and got his X-rays done also they gave us his pain medications, and they gave us a cone so he wouldn't lick his wound and we had to take a warm cloth and clean it every day. So after the hospital, we finally arrived back home at 1.am, and he couldn't walk at all, or turn whatsoever, if we had to take him potty we'd have to hold him, and he'd scream and whine, it was so sad. My daughter started crying. But after two days later, he got much much better. I'm so happy that he's fine. And the lady paid us back $500.00 for his hospital bill. And she has to get rid of her vicious pit bulls. I've seen so many pit bulls that are so sweet, but these ones were horrible. They would've left my husband and wolf reared apart if it wasn't for my husband. It was unbelievable, the pit bulls were the size of a wild pig. At least over 100 pounds. But luckily he made a dramatic recovery and he's a strong wolf, he'll never back down. But he hates dogs honestly. He growls at them. But he's the most protective little puppy in the world. We love him so much, we buy him so much toys and treats. He's like my own child and my daughters child. She calls him baby, and kisses him. He's been such a joy in our lives. He was worth every penny. But that was the story we'd just like to share.
Thanks so much,

Huda & Rose

August 9, 2010

Hello this is Huda,

Ricu has been the most amazing pet in out lives. He's very very lovable. He's also very friendly with kids, and is quiet when he's supposed to be. He understands everything we say and he's well behaved. He's so much smarter then a dog by a lot. He's a quick learner, and listens to whatever you have to say. He gets along with everyone he meets, and doesn't bark at other dogs.

He's also friends with my kitten, and he plays with her, by chasing each other around. They also sometimes sleep next to each other. They're both getting along great. Although Luna (My kittens name) was very mean to him first, he never hurt her. Not one bit.

He's never hurt anyone, and we also have a baby who's a year and a half, and he's so nice to her.

And every time we take Ricu out, people go up to us just to pet him and complement us about what a gorgeous wolf he is. Even though we say he's a wolfdog.

He's the best thing that's happen to us for the family.




February 9, 2010

Hello Sandra and Katie!

You may have seen that the northeast got slammed this past weekend with a snowstorm (and we are expecting more in the next two days). Well, little BeccaLyn is having a great time with all of it. She and Summer were out in the snow the entire time! I have included some pictures for you. The first was taken about a week after she arrived with us back in December. It was her first camping trip and she really liked it. In fact, now when we say "Time to go camping" she gets all excited. The next few were taken just this past weekend right after the snow storm. Can you believe how absolutely GORGEOUS she is? And she is twice as beautiful in her heart. Just the most amazing creature God ever put on this earth.  

Enjoy the pics!



Hello Wolf Haven!!

I can't believe our little BeccaLyn is over 3 months old already! She is getting so big and is so beautiful it makes you want to cry. She is a very happy little girl and quite spoiled at times. She is quickly learning commands such as "sit" and "stay" and loves to go for walks. Lately with the snow on the ground she goes out and "snowplows" in the back yard by shoving her muzzle in the show and running around with her head down in the snow.  Most of all though she seems to love just curling up on the couch between her father and I. BeccaLyn is also quite the talker too. Some of the sounds she makes almost sound like she is trying to say actual words!

Here is a cute story I want to share with you. As you know we not only are BeccaLyn's parents, but the parents of a special needs cat named Maddy. Maddy is visually impaired and much much smaller than a normal cat. She is actually about the size of a 7 month old kitten. Sometimes when she gets to chasing a toy or playing too much she will lose her perspective of where she is in the house. When this happens she will sit wherever she is and cry until we pick her up or at least answer her so she can follow our voices. Well the other night BeccaLyn was chilling on the couch with her father and I when Maddy came tearing into the room chasing her toy mouse. She lost track of it, and then realized she had no idea where she was.  As she usually does she sat down and started to cry. Before Don or I could say anything, BeccaLyn started to make a series of yips, and everytime Maddy cried BeccaLyn answered her with more yips. Maddy followed the yips and made it to the couch, where BeccaLyn jumped down and very gently nuzzled her until she calmed down. It was very cute and sweet to watch.

I do have a question for you, though. She seems to get the hiccups - usually at night or early morning. She doesn't seemed too distressed by it, but it worries us a little bit. Is there something we should be doing for her?

Love from our pack to yours!


Hope all is well and ya'll had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We are rally enjoying  our Dearest Shiloh, , she is doing good out side.   We had her inside till she till about 9 mths and . We let her outside with our other dog Precious and they are doing GREAT.  We lost Major in Oct. 09..    Major had a real good life, We still miss him.
I am sending ya'll a couple of pics.        She is doing real good.     She is weighing at 60 lbs.  right now.      She is happy and healthy.   She gets a check-up about every time she has 2 be boaded , when I was going out of town.
Now I have been leaving her loose 2 be with Pecious and she is doing GREAT. 
Take care.
Happy New Year
 The Lippy


Hi Sandie and Katie,
Happy NewYear to you and yours.
I just wanted to give you an update on Loki and Bear.  I love them so much.   Loki makes me laugh.  I just recently lost my dad and Loki and Bear know when I'm down and thinking about him and missing him.  Dad loved Bear and I know he would have loved Loki.  I'm sure he's looking down on us now and is happy I have her.  Anytime Loki is in trouble,  she looks at me and howls and "talks" to me.  If I'm telling her to stop what she is doing, she'll give me that look and start talking back.  but she does what I ask her to do.  I have never seen a "dog" as graceful as Loki. She jumps like a gazzelle!  Everyone who saw her jump over some branches could not believe the graceful way she did it. 
I took her and Bear to a large dog park.  They loved swimming in the stream behind the dog park.  You should have seen how muddy and dirty they were.  But by the time we got home,  Loki was pretty well cleaned up! Girls, you never told me she was a clean freak!  lol   But she does talk back.  The first time I heard her howl was when the smoke alarm went off.  It goes off every time I shower because it's right outside the bathroom.  Well, the first time it went off, Loki and Bear sat outside the door and howled together.  I thought it was so great that I started to howl with them.  Don't you know Loki matched my "pitch"?   She actually was howling with me as though we were one.  I loved it.  Now, that's what I do.  She matches me every time. 
My Vet said Loki won't get larger than 50 pounds.  But let me tell you, she's a lot of 50 pounds!  I miss that she won't be as big as Bear, but I really don't care, there is more than 50 pounds of love in that baby. 
Thank you girls,  you have made my day and my life.  I'm glad I found you and I'm glad you allowed Loki into my life.


I have another set of photos that I put together as a timeline. You can use this on your website if you want to, it shows how Zuli's fur patterns changed as he grew. It's a large file, so I'll send you a link rather than an attachment:
small version: http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l195/Muffo11/Growingup.png



Hi! I have some great pictures of Zuli from his birthday photoshoot! (see attached)

We just celebrated his first birthday on the 11th, he got his favorite toy, Squeaky tennis balls. Then for Christmas he got stuffed husky toys, and because he's so smart he knows them by name. I named one "Brother" and the other "Sister" and if I simple say, "Zuli, get your brother!" he knows exactly what I mean. He's also done this in the past with 'Piggy,' 'Teddy,' and 'Puppy,' but this is the first time I've been able to name two at once!

That's it for now- hope you all had a happy holiday!



Taken from June through August.  More to follow once I get them shrunk a little more. 

IMG_0132.JPG 6x5.jpg


Good morning! Just wanted to give you a brief update on BeccaLyn.  After we spoke with you we took her to a nearby park to stretch her legs. She played and romped for a little before we loaded back up for the trip home. During the drive she ate two handfuls of food (which we had packed since we knew she might be hungry) and then spent most of the trip either sitting on my lap looking out the window or curled up between Don and I on the front seat. She had to make sure she was touching both of us. If she wasn't she wriggled around until she was. She would occasionally cry and do a "mini-howl" but other than that seemed just fine. When we finally made it home at about 9:45 she ate a little more, took a good drink of water and then took a quick walk with her new big sister, Summer. She also had no trouble peeing and pooping in her new back yard either!  She explored as much as she could last night before we said it was time to go to bed.

At first she just wouldn't settle down. She would yip and cry, walk around, etc. But the funny thing was, when I finally said, "BeccaLyn, it is bedtime and we all need to get some sleep. " and turned off the bedroom light she went right down and that was the end of it until we got up this morning. She slept right through the night without a problem. This morning she ate a full breakfast and was full of energy. She and Don went over to Don's office (he is off all day today, I am leaving work at noon today). We will spend the rest of the day at home, monitoring her interactions with Summer and Maddy (the cat), and of course just love her to pieces.

We both are amazed at how soft her fur is and how curious and fearless she is. She is also extremely observant we have noticed. For example, on our walk last night we gently scolded Summer for straying off the sidewalk into someone's yard. From that point on BeccaLyn never left sidewalk, even though we had not scolded her when she had! She also has learned how to work her daddy. She hasn't been her 24 hours yet and she has already wrapped her daddy around her tiny paw!

I mailed the sales agreement back to you yesterday, so look for it in the mail!  Thank you so much for giving BeccaLyn to us. She is truly a wonderful gift and blessing in our lives. We will send pictures soon - we are taking her on her first camping trip next weekend!

Love to all!!



Dynamite is doing good eats a lot getting very big.



I will be getting a much better picture of all of us with Pearl in the next couple of days but until then here is what I have. She has got to be the best family pet anyone could have. She is great with the kids and is so docile the cat here has her in her place. She has kept her name because we couldn't think of anything else. I will send more pictures soon. Thank-you again. Angel and Rebeka


Just wanted to drop a line about Spirit.  She is becoming very possessive of her yard.  Our neighbors have about 40 dogs and half of them are outside dogs, they wander up and down the road when the neighbors leave.  Well when they walk on the street in front of our yard Spirit walks along the fence with her hackles up and growling at them.  She is also very possessive of Cane and he of her.  They adore each other. 

I was sick with allergies and a lot of congestion in my nose and head for about 2 weeks.  Spirit would come up to me and sniff my nose and mouth as if she was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, she knew it was something and she is a worrier.  When Brad and Clint are gone both Cane and Spirit lay right beside me on guard to protect me if need be.  Of course the chihuahua is on guard to wake them up if they fail to hear something outside.  They are quite a team. 
Brad got fresh venison last night and he cooked a whole haunch for them and they love it.  They were both at the back door whining to get out while he was cleaning the deer, they know the minute the car drives in if it has a deer in it.  They are both sleek and fat and very very loved.  Will send more pictures when I take some.


Here are some pictures taken in the house and the yard of Spirit and Cane.  Sometimes I have trouble telling them apart in pictures and even at a distance in the yard.  I don't think we could have gotten a better matched pair.  Thank you again for our beautiful little girl.  These pictures were taken last week with out new camera. We should get some very beautiful pups, don't you think?
1. Spirit in dining room
2. Spirit and Cane in the dining room.
3. Spirit in the dining room.
4. Cane mugging in front of fridge in kitchen.
5. Another shot of Cane in front of fridge, waiting for Dad to get him tea.
6. Spirit waiting for Papa.
7. Spirit on guard in the yard.
8. Spirit, you talking to me.
9. Spirit, isn't she beautiful?




Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your wolves. They are truly beautiful and gentle animals. They took my breath away. Here are some pics from our visit!
Marlina and Louie Carrillo




How exciting! I can hardly wait until we can send you similar news about our beautiful pair.  You just don't know what joy adding Spirit to our family has given us.  I am going to attach another picture of her, it is the one we have framed and on our mantle with pictures of the other 4 wolves that have brightened our lives and that we mourn daily. Also got a picture we snapped of Spirit with Spice, our chihuahua that gives the impression that Spirit is terrified of Spice, of course that is not the case, but I love the picture.
Shirley Henry



I finally got high speed internet so I can now send you some of the pictures we have taken of Spirit. She is such a little clown and a minx. One night she went in for her little play period with "Papa." This is a time when Brad goes to bed and she takes her toys onto the bed and he throws them for her to fetch and plays tug of war with her. They played for quite awhile and Brad threw her toy a little farther away so he could turn over and settle down for sleep. Spirit came back and jumped back on the bed and began proding Brad with her foot, when he didn't respond she jumped across him and grabbed the corner of the cover. She then jumped back across him and took off for the far corner of the bed with the cover in her mouth. She completely uncovered him. She made her point, she wasn't ready to quit playing. They played a few more minutes then she went to the end of the bed and settled down to go to sleep. She also loves to "attack" our feet under the cover. She is very gentle, but she grabs our feet when we move them and growls fiercely. When we cry she gets softer and softer with her bites until she finally comes to our faces and kisses us to make it better.

She has been such a great companion for Cane too. They play together all the time. They run around the living room, through the kitchen into the bedroom, back through the dining room into the living room and start all over again. The love to go into our large front yard and run around the perimeter as fast as they can. Spirit inspects every inch of the fence when she goes out and checks every tree in her domain. Cane sits on his "throne" and watches her. They are such a trip and Spirit looks more like Cane everyday, I know we are going to have some beautiful puppies one of these days.

She treats our chihuahua like a squeek toy. She will put her mouth over Spice and and gently bite on her until Spice growls and jumps at her. She then literally grins and goes back to make Spice "squeek" again. It is quite a game they play and I truly think they both enjoy it.

Thank you for the delight of ours and Cane's life.

Shirley and Brad Henry
These pictures are over the first four months we had Spirit.  The first is when she first started to walk and sit up.  Next she was sitting on our bed at about 2 months.  then at about 4 months she and Cane sleeping side by side on our bed, then playing in the yard.


hi girls,
just thought  i'd give you an update on loki.  she certainly fits her name.  she is learning and growing fast.  she'll be 4 months old on aug. 3rd and she's at least 20lbs.  our vet thinks' she's the best thing since sliced bread   lol.
she's learned a lot and is still learning.  she does talk back tho.  bear didn't do that, but i guess she learned that from kara.  she's my oldest cat, she's 15 and still going strong.  she talks back too.  loki's color is changing.  now the stripe on her back is a darker brown mixed with the white.  if i can get a good picture i'll send it to you.
potty training is getting better.  she still doesnt' let me know she has to go, but i just take it for granted that 3 hours is her limit. lol.
i've got to say, she is my second love.  the first of course is bear, but she's number 2.
she's getting a smart alec attitude every once in a while.  she also gets the better of bear once in a while, but i think he lets her.  now not so much because she's getting bigger and can take more rough housing.  but boy she gives back as much as she takes.  she's usually the one who gives tho .lol
well, gotta go and yell at her again lol  she's getting into something i can hear it now.
she has spiced up my life and i thank you two for it.   i'll send more pix when i can.
thanks again



Hi girls here are the latest of loki & bear she is a real joy in my & bear




































Wanted to give you an update on Spirit, she was 7 months old on July 11 and she now weighs in at a whopping 60 lbs! She is only about 3 inches shorter than our mail who is now 3 years old and weighs 112 lbs. Think she is going to be a big girl. We are waiting on Hughes Net so we can have fast internet service, when we get it I will send you some of Spirits recent pictures. Our camera is now broken too, we have to get a new one as soon as we have the money. We take at least a dozen
pictures a week normally.

Would like to relate an incident with Spirit and Brad. Every night
when he goes to bed Spirit gets her toy an takes it in there to play catch with him. Then she will start to deliberately drop the toy so he will pick it up for her. The other night he was especially tired and after about the 6 time of her dropping the toy and him picking it up he told her it was too far that she would have to get it. She jumped off the bed and got the toy, when she got back on the bed Brad had turned his back to her and was ignoring here and trying to go to sleep. She sat there for a minute watching him then leaped across him, grabbed the
covers by the corner, turned and took off for the opposite corner at the end of the bed. She completely pulled all the cover off the bed.

If the indians had named Spirit they would have called her Talking Eyes as she really talks with those beautiful golden eyes. She is a constant joy to us and she and Cane now are best buddies, they go out in our front yard (it is very large) and play chase until they are winded and tired. She is so quick she can elude Cane without much trouble. Think
we will have gorgeous babies when she is old enough to breed. She looks more like Cane everyday. She has a very glossy deep black cape and it is large too covering most of her body, but her legs go from cinammon at the shoulders to white on her feet. She has a pretty mask of white on her face.

The only problem we have had with her was tape worms, we wormed her every month and couldn't get rid of the worms. Brad called the vet and described the worms to the vet. The vet said to bring her in that they were tape worms and regular wormer wouldn't get rid of them. He gave her a shot for tape worms and follow up pills for a month later. She is now completely worm free and is really putting on weight, she is quite simply gorgeous!

She just came up to me and layed her head on my arm, it is time for Mama to stop and give her some loving. Thank you for our wonderful baby girl.

I am going to save a draft of this email and after I send it without a picture I am going to see if I can get it to upload at least one
picture and send it to you, may not be able too. The internet usually disconnects before a picture can upload.

Shirley Henry



Greetings to the Pack,
I don't have any photos of Shadow Lane, but I do have a cute Halloween story concerning him.
Shadow is Grey wolf and in December he will be one. I keep forgetting what a little baby he still is because of his size!
I was trying out my Witch outfit, long black wig (my hair is blonde & semi-long), a big black hat with feathers around the brim, long silky gown and green stockings with black banding, Shadow and his running buddy Maggie (whom I have had since I saved her from a pack of wild dogs attacking her). Now Maggie is used to my, well idiocycracies....Shadow is learning. I called them in, it was time and I wasn't really thinking about my costume, Maggie came flying in and he was right on her heels. I had turned my back to pick up something when this growl made me turn around....slowly. There stood Shadow, the door closed behind him.........stiff legging, swinging his head back and forth, showing fangs and spittle and the growl turned your blood to ice! I'm saying "Shadow, its Momma" and he was not buying any of it, approaching me, but you could see the barest trace of reserve, but he was still advancing menacingly. Maggie got between us and snapped at him, which gave me 5 seconds to remove wig and hat. Shadow wasn't completely convinced, but then he saw it WAS me and got all cuddly. In retrospect it was funny and when I put the wig and hat on in front of him, he just smiled and pawed at me, so he is intelligent and saw the truth behind the disguise.
Shadow is being groomed to go on ghost hunts and is showing great promise
Happy Halloween
Cheyenne and the two best parts of me, Maggie & Shadow





















 June 10, 2009

hi katie and sandie,
thank you thank you thank you.  i've only had loki for 2 1/2 days and bear the cats and i love her.  (well, maybe not the cats so much lol).  she is a joy. she learns so fast and now understands that when bear barks, he wants her to play.  now she gives it back to him.  lol 
i've sent some pictures we took tonight them playing so please enjoy them.
i'll keep you updated to her progress.
thanks again


April 24, 2009

Shiloh is growing steady, She is @ 37.9 lbs and has a healthy check up from the Vet.
She is a a wonderful little girl. We are so very proud of her. She is truly like a daughter 2 us and act just like a child.
Have a good day
The Lippy Family

 April 24, 2009

I just wanted to drop a note letting you know what Zuli did yesterday. I got my wisdom teeth removed and was drugged up and in pain. When I got home, I went into the living room that had a dog gate blocking it and told my family to keep all of the dogs, except my Shih-Tzu, away from me. I assumed they'd be too hyper and jump up on me like they always did.

     Well, Zuli does *not* like being away from me. After two hours of him crying and bruting, he managed to open the dog gate. No one was around to help me. I had been laying half alseep on the couch, so I cringed away, covering my mouth/jaw with my hands and the blanket. Well, as I assumed, Zuli came right to me.

     He nuzzled his nose under the blanket and gently licked my arm. I turned to see him, still afraid, and he just sat there calmer than I'd ever seen him. I gave him my hand, expecting him to grab it in his mouth (gently) as he always did, but he just kept licking me. It was as if he knew I was in pain.

     After that, he layed down next to the couch and refused to leave my side for anything; food, water, walks, *anything*. He stayed with me for hours. When my mother tried to force him away from me, he defensively and carefully got onto the couch and layed next to my head, surprisingly not touching my hurt mouth even once.

That happened yesterday, and even now as I'm typing this, Zuli is at my feet. He's been following me and making sure I'm okay. Muffin is usually the dog who does this, but even she would have limits. I don't know how he knew I was in pain, but I am endlessly impressed and in love with him because of it. He's even kept the other three dogs away from me.

I want to thank you again for such an amazing wolf as Zuli! Thank you!



March 3, 2009



















   Hey there! I've attached some pictures of Zuli! (Now I'm the one sending you pictures, hehe.)
     Here are some pictures of Zuli experiencing his first Snow Day! He really enjoyed it! He refused to come back inside, unless all the rest of the dogs came with him. The only one missing from the pictures is our Shih Tzu, Muffin, she just got her hair shaved because of the warm weather, and then it snows on the first day of spring. Oh well, Zuli LOVED every second of it.
     Zuli follows me from room to room, and when he can't follow me, he yowls (I say "yowls," because I can't classify that noise as a "howl," even though I love it). Whenever I come back from wherever I go, I greet him by saying "Hellooooooo" and stretching the 'o' like a howl, and he enjoys that very much, occasionally howling with me. (I'm too good at howling. I worries me sometimes. If I went outside your house and howled, you'd probably think it was a real wolf). Anyway, he puts his ears back, sweetly, and jumps up, doing all he can to get closer. I totally give in when he does that, even though I'm probably going to give him separation anxiety or something, hehe. (Lucky for us, I'm only gone on the weekends, and the rest of the family is with him then).
     He's very smart, I've already taught him to Sit, Stay, Lay Down, 'Look at Me,' and to 'Kiss' me (poke his nose into mine). Tomorrow I'm teaching him to shake hands. I use clicker training, so there is no punishment involved, just praise. It's a training method that tells the dog what to do in a way that they can't possibly get it wrong, and whenever Zuli begins to understand what behavior is getting the click, you can just see his eyes light up! He loves the challenge, and when he can't figure it out, I show him by example (using my oldest dog, Muffin), and he understands and mimics them. One day, I hope to teach him to bark, howl, and if I'm lucky, growl/snarl on command. One of our other dogs can bark or howl on command, and we're trying to teach growl, but she's too much of a 'nice dog' to growl.
     I'll send more pictures soon, and maybe a video too if I can figure out how to do that on my sister's camera. Thanks so much for Zuli, he's absolutely amazing. Epic, beyond belief.



March 3, 2009



















I just wanted to send you guys some pictures of Levi.  He's such an amazing light in my life, Thank you so much.




















February 25, 2009

My little Bella is getting so big now! i just recently got a new camera and absolutely love taking pictures of her. I already have over 300! So i thought i would share some with you. :)


February 17, 2009

Just to let you know he is 28 inchs at his shoulders and is 62lbs! he is getting lighter which really looks good on him I know I wanted a dark wolf but at this point I hope he lightens up cause his color is beautiful!!!!!!!!


Hello there! I wanted to update you guys on Zeus! Hes doing so great and I ve worked with him training him and he is super smart and a gentleman. Hes very dear to me and my sweetheart since Im home with him all day. When daddy gets home though he is off and super excited to see him! They are great friends and usually stays by his side. He is getting soo big already I cant imagine what his full size is gonna be! Super excited to find out though. We just wanted you to know how great hes doing! Thank you soo much!


 Sorry I took so long to get back to you but I spent a week at my daughters, but her are some pictures as promised.  She is eating about 4 to 5 ozs already and weights about 4 lbs.  She is growing sooooooooooooooooooo fast.  Growls and chases game in her sleep at night.  She would sleep all night, but we get her up so we can change her bedding as we don't want her to sleep in a wet bed.  She is a little doll! 

The pictures with me in the red blouse were taken the day we got home with her.  That is my daughters chihuahua trying to figure out why Spirit won't play with her.

The ones with Brad were made last night and she really loves her "Daddy"  she recognizes his voice and responds to him.  She loves his beard and his hairy chest, she keeps looking for a place to nurse when he doesn't have on a shirt or he nuzzles her with his chin.  If she doesn't settle down right away after we feed her and let her walk around (yes she is already walking) Brad growls and she settles right down and goes to sleep. 

Cane wasn't real sure about her when Brad got her home, he wanted to butt her with his nose, really hard so Brad had to get onto him.  Now he will gently butt her, but he still isn't completely sure what he thinks about this intruder that is getting all his attention now.  He will be more certain about her once she is big enough to show him some attention.  Now she just walks on by him and ignores him when she is in the floor.  But Brad can tell him to go check on his baby and he runs to the bedroom to check on her.  This morning he was outside when I was feeding her and she started to fuss cause she needed to go pee and he came running to the door to get in and check on her.  He is playing pack leader with her, but he hasn't developed a real rapport with her yet. 

Will probably send more pictures in a few days. We will be taking pictures daily most likely, they grow too fast not to.

Shirley, Brad and Spirit



 Thought I would send you some pics with him in front of the Christmas tree. He is 45lbs now. Have a Happy New Year!!!!





Girls, He is a handfull!  But he's also the light of my life.  You're right, I don't need a male, Waesa take's up all the slack.  He keeps me busy.  He loves to swim, he lives to get to the lake.  He doesn't look that big in the photo's, but he scare the hell out of everybody just by barking.  He also takes up the whole front seat of my Mustang.  We get the looks.

I hope to get to talk to you on the phone soon.  Love the Wolfpack for me and Waesa's brother. 

You girl's changed my life with this wolf.  For the best!  You just don't know how much.

Thank you for giving me a reason to live,

Friends Always,






I have re-named Rhonda to Lucinda. She is a wonderful, sweet and gentle creature. I cannot believe how quickly I have fallen in love with her.  She is extremely bright, and loving. I see what you mean, she will not leave my sight. Her and my large dog Shadow have work to do. Yesterday, my brother Ricky came over and we let the two sniff each other. Well, it was Shadow that did the sniffing. The cub was slightly nervous, but not panicked. We brought them on neutal ground, since the large back yard is Shadow's terratory. I well continue to expose these two, until one day hopefully, they will play together. I kept Shadow on a choke chain, just in case. If anything she seems very curious, ( Shadow that is).

Rhonda/Lucinda' Mom


UPDATE 5/30/2008

Katie, thank you so much for the folder, and the pictures. I love this pup!!! She had come into my home and just fit in. She had also come into our hearts.  Her and Shadow are great friends. They are good for each other. Shadow is my 13 yr old Rot/Shepherd mix, and this pup had brought new energy to her life and probably more years. I cannot say enough about how much this little animal means to all of us. She definately TRIES to rule the roost. Sometimes I have to set limits for her, but lets say she had a very healthy ego. I can't wait for your book to be published, please put me down for a copy. 


  Rhonda's Mom 



UPDATE 9/30/2008

 I'm happy to say that Lucinda/Rhonda has completed a training course at Pet Smart. I must say that the trainer was so taken with her, that she said she would have trained her for free, just to be with her. ( I told her she could give me my money back- ha!)

I couldn't get over how accurately she followed thru with all the commands . She dosn't always do that for me, unless she feels like it. Well I guess Friday was a good day for her, because she did perfectly.

I'll send you more pictures when I get them from Karen the trainer.  Lucinda is truly a joy in my life!  And she continues to be my alarm clock. She knows intutively that I get up at 5:00am., she sleeps on my bathroom rug, then very gently she "flea bites" my cheek every morning to wake me up.

Your new cubs are beautiful!                                                                                                                                   Peace to you

                                                                                                                                                                                          Lucinda's Mom





She's amazing and we can't imagine life without her  :) Thank you.


Cuicci is growing...

October 11, 2008

Zeus is such a blessing to our family right now! He is our angel my husband had been diagnosed with MS and has done 2 tours in Iraq and has a Traumatic Brain Injury. He has always wanted a wolf and for some reason I felt like now was the time!  After lots of research and prayer to consider what we should do I found Wolf Haven and seen the pups and read the info. After calling and asking questions, they made me feel comfortable and like this was "meant to be" having him here has helped my husband open up and show emotion again and also be a Helper Animal when he gets older! I am just soo blessed by this little man :) He warms my heart when i look at him. Will Definitely keep  you guys updated as he grows !!! As for now -- Rachel

We named him Zeus by the way :)  A perfectly fitting name !


 October 21, 2008

Ohanzee is a true blessing!!! He is so smart and goofy at the same time! He has stole our hearts I cant thank you enough for this wonderful baby boy! He has only been with us two days and I cant picture life without him already. Thank you!!!!!




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