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Wolves are not killers

Food for thought:   If someone got you down and bit you for no reason you would fight back.  

So if a wolf is treated poorly and fights back, is it because the wolf is mean or because it is fighting fire with fire Wolves are not natural born killers, they only kill to eat. Since our wolves eat puppy food they have no need to hunt and so show no signs of aggression towards other animals.  

When a wolf shows signs of aggression towards a person all they really want is the person to stop what they are doing and go away. 

Some wolves that show signs of aggression may have been traumatized or they may have dirty blood lines or have been inbred, which will never be the case with our wolves.

My family has had wolves most of their lives. They have had full bloods, tame and wild. Speaking from this experience, no one has ever been hurt or killed by any of our wolves or the cubs we have ever sold. If bred and raised correctly wolves can and do make wonderful companions. 


·       Day Care Centers

·       The Elderly

·       People with kids that have ADD (the cubs calm them down)

·       To the blind

·       People in wheelchairs, so they can help them get things.

·       The deaf


But our biggest buyers are long haul truck drivers. They are popular with drivers because the wolf is not hyper (that is a disorder), do not have an odor as a common dog, and do not get fleas or ticks. Truckers find that wolves make excellent companions, as a matter of fact some of our wolves spend there whole life in the cab of a truck.

Wolves have a natural calmness about them. We know a teacher that takes her wolf to school.  It helps to calm the kids down so they can concentrate better, what teacher or parent wouldn’t want that!

They don’t need a lot of room like most people think.  It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or own 100 acres, wolves are family orientated animals, wherever you are, they are. They will even follow you from room to room.

People we have sold them to live in:

·       Trucks

·       Trailers

·       Apartments

·       Homes

·       Ranches


So you can have a wolf anywhere that you are, they easily adapt to any living situation. Remember though, I am talking about real wolves not dog mixes. Too much inbreeding creates problems and a lot of the wonderful traits that a wolf has is lost.  That is where the aggressive animals or viciousness came from, dirty blood lines. Our breeders do not come from the same pack, that is also why I only carry first and second generation wolves. Our cubs are hand raised in the house and handled a lot.  A wolf is naturally afraid of what it doesn’t know or understand.  We invest as much time and resources in hand raising our wolves as needed.  Our goal is to make sure that we know when a person takes one, as part of their family that we have done everything humanly possible to create a gentile companion, that is why we hand raise ours.  That way they are not afraid of people or common household noises, which will make them a better pet. 

Our wolves live inside and out of the house.  We are all one big “pack”; we do this for a few simple reasons.   If they are only outside then outside becomes “theirs” and inside is “yours”.  If you try to bring a wolf inside after it has lived outside for an extended period of time then they will not listen as well.  Wolves have Alpha tendencies, they need to know who is in charge and that it is not limited to one specific area of their life.

For me, I would not buy one that was not hand raised or handled a lot.  Since wolves are scared easily by the unknown, if a wolf is not hand raised it may never be comfortable around you or people.

In conclusion, remember they are afraid of what they don’t know or understand. 

They will not approach someone they don’t know or go up to just anyone’s house. 

Also, when they say wolf hybrid or dog mix that is not a real wolf.


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